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Arcee's Tips & Tricks

Arcee 11 Jan 0 1746
Maintenance of your ARRMA, LOSI, Traxxas remote-controlled car! Hello model building friends, great to see you here again, and let's start this year f..
Arcee 13 Dec 0 5969
Hello model-building friends, Arcee here! This time I'll take you through the great new offerings that 2023 has brought us and share my experience ab..
Arcee 06 Dec 0 1647
Programming the FlySky Paladin PL18 EV Flagship TransmitterHey model building friends!This week I'm going to take you through the programming and sett..
Arcee 22 Nov 0 2977
Connecting LED Lighting Hey there, Arcee here, this week we will discuss connecting LED lighting. With the darker days approaching, it is not only for..
Arcee 15 Nov 0 1791
Spray Painting Your Model Truck with Aerosol Cans?First and foremost, it's essential to understand that there are two major differences between radio-..
Arcee 07 Nov 0 1678
Spraying Your RC Car with Lexan Paint?Firstly, it's important to understand that there are two major differences between remote-controlled cars with a..
Arcee 25 Oct 0 1331
Batteries in Model Building Perhaps the most important part of the RC model building hobby are your batteries. Without batteries, your model won't wo..
Arcee 09 Oct 0 2612
Buying Your First RC Truck?Nothing is as exciting as starting something new, and luckily as the Model Truck Specialist, we can tell you everything the..
Arcee 04 Oct 0 2584
Purchasing Your First Remote-Controlled RC Car! Taking the first step is always thrilling, but what's more crucial is being well-informed. We see cus..
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