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Alwin 01 Feb 0 686
Tamiya Nieuws 2023Op de grote speelgoedbeurs in Neurenberg (Duitsland) heeft tamiya weer vele nieuwe modellen gepubliceerd waaronder de nieuwste truck..
Alwin 23 Aug 0 1382
Here we go again! New round, new opportunities! We're going for it! The campaign is now live and you can participate right away!With the arrival of a ..
Alwin 07 Jul 0 1135
The first milestone of 10 people participating in our crowdfund project is a fact! We are super happy with this ????.But also notice that there are va..
Alwin 05 Jul 0 698
Here we go!All preparations have been made for the realization of a unique Experience Center in The Wall (along the A2 near Utrecht). A real dream for..
Alwin 28 Jun 0 718
Realization The WallIn recent weeks there has been a lot in the news about our plans to realize a completely new Experience Center in The Wall (along ..
14 Jan 0 1101
We're open again!From today our store is fully open again, this means you no longer need an appointment and can visit our actual store again.It's stil..
19 Dec 0 1431
We're still open!Last night 18 december 2021 the dutch governmant has announced an full lock down for the Netherlands due to the Covid19 situation. Th..
01 Dec 0 1529
De Superstunt weken zijn hier!Dit jaar hebben wij weer echte aanbiedingen in december en zoals gewoonlijk doen wij niet mee aan de Black Friday gekte ..
07 Nov 0 1701
Welcome to our completely renewed website!The new website has been in preparation for more than 1.5 years. We already had plans in the background even..
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