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Lesu Offroad Tyre S-1213 (1/14)

Offroad tyres for tamiya and other 1/14 trucks. Affordable tyres for real grip in the dirt.Sold per set of 2!Part. Nr.: S-1213 ..

€11.95 Ex Tax: €9.88

Pistenking Kingbus set for Tamiya Scania

Light system for the Scania by Tamiya with only two wires.The light modules are delivered fully assembled and tested. They just need to be installed i..

€229.00 Ex Tax: €189.26

Hydraulicpump Compact Yz0001-B

This compact hydraulicpump is made out of solid aluminium.With brushless motor and brushless ESC.Dimensions: 25x25x60 (WxHxL)Working pressure: 20bar..

€159.00 Ex Tax: €131.41

Lesu Road Wide Tyre S-1216 (1/14)

Road wide tyres for tamiya and other 1/14 trucks. Even more grip then the carson tyres.Sold per set of 2!Part. Nr.: S-1216 ..

€11.95 Ex Tax: €9.88

Lesu Tyre S-1215 (1/14)

Tyres for tamiya and other 1/14 trucks.Affordable tyres for real grip on the road.Sold per set of 2!Part. Nr.: S-1215..

€11.95 Ex Tax: €9.88

Body Mercedes Actros Gigaspace (19335685) 1/14

Body for the Mercedes Actros Gigaspace 56335 and 56348This is the body part for the truck. Unpainted.Part nr: 19335685..

€39.95 Ex Tax: €33.02

Lesu Alu Low Loader Wheel W-2020

Alu rims with tyres for low loader trailers and projects.Fits on the lesu axles for their low loader, or on the carson/veroma low loader axles / trail..

€49.95 Ex Tax: €41.28

Volvo FH16 Wrecking Truck 8x4 56362

The latest release of Tamiya for 2020This wrecking truck is an amazing scaled wrecker with all the details as an real one.With dual front axle..

€999.00 €929.00 Ex Tax: €767.77

Lesu Cab Locking Mechanism G-6005-A (1/14)

Multiple versions available!G-6005-A: For standard tamiya trucks*G-6005-B: For lesu trucks*G-6005-C: For trucks with lesu gearbox*G-6005-D: For lesu t..

€23.95 Ex Tax: €19.79

Lesu Alcoa Rear/Trailer Rims Oval W-2017-A Tamiya 1/14

These Alcoa rims really boosts your truck! Don't use those cheap looking chromed rims sold by tamiya. The aluminum rims looks way more realistic. C..

€49.95 Ex Tax: €41.28

Lesu Middle Driven Steering Axle with Diff Lock and Tamiya Gearing Q-9008 (1/14)

  The drive axles made by Lesu are one of the best axles on the market. Completly build out of metal parts (alu, steel, brass etc). And with..

€179.00 Ex Tax: €147.93

Lesu Hydraulicpump Compact 20bar with ESC

An small but powerfull hydraulic pump for your rc model. Despides it's small dimensions it can work up to 20 bar of pressure. And likes to run on 12..

€179.00 Ex Tax: €147.93

Lesu Low Loader Suspension Leafsprings X-8014-A (1/14)

Low loader axle with leafsprings.Suitable for Lesu W-2020 wheels.Specifications:Widht: 158mmAxle dia: 10mmLeafsprings: 80mmPart. Nr.: X-8014-A*Note th..

€49.95 Ex Tax: €41.28

Lesu 2 Speed Gearbox with Transfer Case 1:14 F-5016-B (1/14)

2 Speed gearbox from lesu made out of alu and metal gears. This gearbox has an transfer case for front axle driven trucks. An lot of details have be..

€179.00 Ex Tax: €147.93

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