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Transmissions for 1/8 Trucks and projects

Differential for balancing 1:3, scale 1:8, housing from aluminum, sprocket from steel, hardened, speed reduction 3:1, one input - and two output-shaft`s with SW5, holder from aluminumItem code: 216119..
€99.00 Ex Tax:€81.82
Transfer gear box, scale 1:8, Housing from aluminum, pinion`s from steel, hardened, speed reduction 3:1, with ball bearing, 1 input and 2 output shaft`s with SW 5, holder from aluminumItem code: 216127..
€64.95 Ex Tax:€53.68
Transfer gear box, shiftable, scale 1:8, perfect for off-road-driving, the front axle can be switching on or off with a servo, speed reduction 3:1, housing from aluminum, pinion`s from steel, hardened, with ball bearing, holder from aluminumItem code: 216933..
€99.00 Ex Tax:€81.82
Double cardan, suitable for scale 1:8, for connecting to axel`s, very robust for a high torque with a true running at once, length 100mm, length adjustment max.12mm, the sleeve have a hexagon SW5 inside, gehärtet, stud screw`s are includedItem code: 220239..
€24.95 Ex Tax:€20.62
Cardan shaft kit, suitable for scale 1:8, shortening is possible, length from the steel tube 250mm, length adjustment max.12mm, the sleeves have a hexagon SW5 inside, hardened, fixing parts are includedItem code: 220251..
€34.95 Ex Tax:€28.88
Intermediate adaptor for 2-speed gear box, from aluminum, ball bearing single, received from the shaft 8mmItem code: 220324..
€22.95 Ex Tax:€18.97
Dunker motor 12 Volt, Nennspg. 12 Volt, agitator speed from the engine idle 3600 U/min, current at the engine idle 0,6 A, speed rating 3100 U/min, Leistung 44,5 W, rating current 5,2 A, starting torque 82 Ncm, rated torque 13,7 Ncm, power efficiency 71%, weightt 1200g, suitable with the 2-speed cont..
€189.00 Ex Tax:€156.20
2-speed control gear box, suitable for the Dunker motor with item code: 221259, ball bearing triple, speed-reduction 1.gear 2:1 , 2.gear 1:1 , switching during the driving it`s posible with a servo, housing from aluminum, driving shaft SW5, shaft and pinion`s are hardened, initial speed max. 6000 U/..
€159.00 Ex Tax:€131.41
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