All the proxxon tools for the multitools you can find them here.

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Proxxon Drill Chuck TBM220 28122

Drill Chuck For drill shank sizes 0.6 to 6mm. Max. speed 10,000rpm. Industrial quality with extra high speed accuracy. With 3/8" thread for MICROMOT ..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.26

Proxxon Drilling Device BV 2000

Drilling device BV 2000Made of high-precision aluminium die-casting. With two-way pivotable articulated arm and 20mm standard collar. Once the de..

€159.00 Ex Tax: €131.41

Proxxon Adaptors for Sharpening of Small Drill Bits

Adapters for sharpening of small drill bitsThese adapters extend the BSG 220’s range to cover 1.5 - 3mm. One each adapter for sizes 1.5 - 1.6 - 2 - 2...

€27.95 Ex Tax: €23.10

Proxxon Chip Collecting tray for PD 250/E

Chip collecting tray with splash guard Made from 1.5mm thick sheet metal, powder coated. Bevelled edges at the front and back allow slight clean-in..

€139.00 Ex Tax: €114.88

Proxxon Fixed Steady for PD 250/E

Fixed steady for longer work piecesEspecially for boring. Also required if the tailstock cannot be used to "counter". Up to Ø 40mm.NO 24 010..

€56.95 Ex Tax: €47.07

Proxxon Center Turning Attachment for PD 250/E

Centre turning attachment. For highest accuracy with high rotational precision.This includes: 1 face plate, 2 fixed centres (MK 2 and MK 1/short)..

€79.95 Ex Tax: €66.07

Proxxon Gear Chuck MK1 for PD 250/E

Professional gear chuck with MK 1 For the tailstock of the PD 250/E. Capacity up to 10mm.NO 24 020..

€29.95 Ex Tax: €24.75

Proxxon Additional Quick Change Tool Holder

Additional quick change tool holder (separately)Can be used with the PD 230/E and PD 250/E quick change tool post. NO 24 024 ..

€13.95 Ex Tax: €11.53

Proxxon Quick Change Tool Post for PD 250/E

Quick change tool post - easy to use!For quick tool change and easy height adjustment. Includes 2 tool holder elements.NO 24 026..

€89.95 Ex Tax: €74.34

Proxxon Self CEntering 3 Jaw Chuck for PD 250/E

Self-centering 3-jaw chuck PROXXON 24034Suitable for PD 250/E and the dividing attachment NO 24 044. Identical to chuck PROXXON 24036 but with 3 jaws ..

€199.00 Ex Tax: €164.46

Proxxon 4 Jaw Chuck with Independent Jaws for PD 250/E

4-jaw chuck with independent jawsFor clamping angular and asymmetrically shaped work pieces. Capacity up to 80mm. Chuck Ø 75mm.NO 24 036..

€169.00 Ex Tax: €139.67

Proxxon Collet set with ER20 Collets

Collet set with ER 20 collets: For extreme true concentric accuracy. 2 - 10mm.For high precision machining of round parts. The collet set is moun..

€149.00 Ex Tax: €123.14

Proxxon Dividing Attachment TA 250

Dividing attachment TA 250 For accurate machining of circular work pieces (e.g. production of gear wheels). Supplied with two dividing discs (40 ..

€199.00 Ex Tax: €164.46

Proxxon DIe Holder for Round Dies M3-M12

Die holder for round diesFor threads M 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 and 10. With holder Ø 10mm for mounting in the tailstock drill chuck of the lathe. The holder..

€64.95 Ex Tax: €53.68

Proxxon Tool Holder for Rotary Tools

Tool holder for rotary tools.For use on lathe machines.Made of steel with standard 20mm MICROMOT collar size. For precise clamping of rotary tool IBS/..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Proxxon Compound Table KT 230

Compound table KT 230As described above, but excluding headstock and column. With 34mm bore to mount the PF 230 mill/drill head (the end fitting ..

€279.00 Ex Tax: €230.58

Proxxon Gear Tooth Chuck 10mm for PF 230 & PF 400

Gear tooth chuck (10mm) with adapterIndustrial quality, however not as accurate as the collets. With 10mm adapter which fits into the 10mm collet. Inc..

€25.95 Ex Tax: €21.45

Proxxon Fine Feed for PF/FF 230

Proxxon 24140 Fine Feed for Milling Machine PF 230 and Micro Miller FF 230 by ProxxonCan be used in tilted or vertical applications for easy material ..

€88.95 Ex Tax: €73.51

Proxxon Collets for Micro Mill FF 230

Collets for Micro Mill FF 230Includes 1 each collet for round stock 3/32", 7/64", 1/8", 5/32" and 13/64" (2.4 - 3.0 - 3.2 - 4.0 and 5.0mm). Supplied i..

€79.95 Ex Tax: €66.07

Proxxon ROhm Drill Chuck 0,5-6,5mm for FD 150/E

Drill chuck. Capacity 0.5 - 6.5mm. Industrial quality with high concentricity (allowed up to 10,000rpm). Complete with arbour B 10 x MK 0/short. ..

€17.95 Ex Tax: €14.83

Proxxon Standard ER11 Type Collets for FD 150/E

Multiple range standard ER 11 type collets (DIN 6499/B)Offering high concentricity. May be reduced up to 0.5mm below their nominal diameter (intermedi..

€94.95 Ex Tax: €78.47

Proxxon Chip Collecting tray for FD 150/E

Chip collecting tray with splash guard for the FD 150/EOf 1.5mm thick sheet steel, powder-coated. Bevelled edges at the front and back enable easy cle..

€89.95 Ex Tax: €74.34

Proxxon Standard ER20 Type Collets for PF 400 & FF 500

Multiple range standard type ER 20 collets (DIN 6499-B) (not depicted)For the mill/drill PF 400 (from production no. 401-10910) and MICRO miller FF 50..

€54.95 Ex Tax: €45.41

Proxxon Fine Feed for PF 400 & FF 500

Fine feed for accurate adjustmentsQuick and easy to install. The clutch system enables feed via either the drill handle or the handwheel. The handwhee..

€129.00 Ex Tax: €106.61

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