Hello model-building friends, Arcee here!

This time I'll take you through the great new offerings that 2023 has brought us and share my experience about what the best remote-controlled cars of 2023/2024 are at the moment! Let's get started shall we?

If you're still unfamiliar with the differences between various types of cars, it would be wise to first read my Tips & Tricks about getting started with the RC model car hobby here: Tips & Tricks: Purchasing your first remote-controlled RC car!

RC Cars up to about €150

In this price range, we mainly see RC cars in the 1/14 – 1/18 scale. They may be small in size, but their performance is no joke. They are also often the perfect cars to start with the model-building hobby.

1. FTX Tracer 1/16 from €89.95

This little monster is by far the most sold remote-controlled car under 100 euros! Compact and lightweight so that children can drive themselves without becoming a danger to others. But also just fun as an extra car to have.

    + Very affordable

    + Compact and Lightweight

    + Adjustable Speed

    + Ready to run right out of the box

    - Limited upgrade possibility

2. Arrma Granite GROM 1/18 from €139,

Just new to the market and already incredibly popular. Comes standard with steel drive shafts and a Lipo battery. Especially fun if you have a slightly higher budget to spend and are looking to upgrade the car in the future.

    + Many standard installed upgrades

    + Adjustable Speed

    + 2S LiPo 1400mAh for immediate long driving pleasure

    - Not completely ready to run, USB-C adapter needed

    - Only works with original batteries

    - Difficult to procure

3. Traxxas LaTrax Teton 1/18 from €159,-

Of course, Traxxas cannot be left out in this comparison. The Teton might be the forerunner in this popular class of 1/18 models. However, it has since been surpassed by its competitors. Yet, where the Teton still reigns supreme is in the possibilities for upgrades. The model has been around for a few years but there's a very large adordable offer of upgrades for this model available.

    + Lots of upgrades available

    + Adjustable Speed

    - Not completely ready to run, USB-C adapter needed

    - Difficult to procure

    - No LiPo / Li-Ion battery

RC Cars up to about €300

With a budget of 300 euros, we naturally have a bit more choice, so let's quickly take a look at what the most popular remote-controlled cars of 2024 are!

1. ARRMA Gorgon 1/10 from €189,-

Just new to the market but already incredibly popular and surprisingly robust for this price range. The ARRMA Gorgon is making its mark in the world of RC cars. The model is very affordable, the only downside is that the original charger does not support aftermarket batteries.

    + Very affordable

    + Robust Design

    - USB-C Adapter needed

    - Charger only supports original batteries

2. Traxxas Rustler/Slash/Stampede 2WD XL-5 - €239,-

The most popular models from Traxxas are the Rustler and Slash. These come in many versions so we'll definitely see them more often in these tips & tricks. These are robust cars and the availability of upgrade parts is almost unprecedented for these cars. It's also a perfect starting platform if you want to add more power later. However, the 2WD does limit this to some extent.

    + Base platform has remained unchanged for years

    + A lot of upgrade parts available

    + Comes fully ready to run (We supply a free USB-C adapter!)

    - 2WD is somewhat limited if you want to drive with more power later

    - Not supplied with ball bearings as standard

3. Arrma Granite/Senton/Typhon Mega 4x4 - €299,-

Of course, ARRMA also has to have a good beginner's car. The big difference with these cars is that they come standard with 4WD. With this setup, it might not be as important, but if we want to put more power in the car later, the 4WD will be very welcome.

    + Standard 4WD

    + Upgrading to more power is very easy

    + Comes fully ready to run with a 230V charger

    - Difficult to procure

    - Plastic hinge balls which wear out quickly

RC Cars up to about €500

Let's take a look together at the mid-range in model-building, we find cars here that have various upgrades over their 2WD siblings, but more importantly, these models often already come with more power and can withstand even more.

1. Traxxas Rustler/Slash/Stampede 4x4 BL-2s - €369,- (RTR - €469,-)

The best of both worlds, with the new BL-2S models, Traxxas has created an affordable model. But more importantly, this version comes straight with the Extreme Heavy Duty upgrade package, so you already get an almost indestructible RC car right out of the box!

    + Very robust due to Extreme Heavy Duty package

    + Clipless Body for Rustler and Slash

    + Ready to start from €459,-

    - Speed around 60km/h

2. ARRMA Granite/Senton/Typhon 3S BLX - €399,- (RTR - €498,-)

Just like Traxxas, ARRMA also has multiple models based on the same platform. Where we previously saw the Mega version, we now see its faster brother with the 3S BLX drivetrain. Actually, all the upgrades you would want to do on the MEGA are standard installed on the 3S BLX models.

    + Very fast with 100km/h +

    + Lots of upgrade parts available

    + Flexible battery holder where almost every battery fits

    - Difficult to procure

    - Plastic hinge balls which wear out quickly

3. Traxxas Rustler/Slash/Stampede 4x4 VXL - €429,- (RTR - €548,-)

If you're truly looking for the king of RC cars, we come to the big scale models. They're not just large in size but also in performance. A weight of 18kg is quite normal, and despite their heavy weight, they sprint away as if they're a bunch of unleashed dogs at the park. Naturally, these models are not suitable for young enthusiasts and they do require a degree of respect from the driver.

1. Losi DBXL-E 2.0 4WD Desert Buggy 8S - €1299,- (RTR - €1649,-)

Still one of the most popular big scale models, the Losi DBXL-E isn't just any buggy. It's super stable and can manage the power just fine, and in the sand, it leaves the competition far behind. However, it is advisable to replace the pinion for a 16T pinion because out of the box, the car is set up a bit tamely.

    + Extremely stable and robust vehicle

    + Unmatched performance in the sand

    + Good platform for extreme power

    - Originally mounted pinion is too light

    - Parts available only in large packs

2. ARRMA Kraton/Outcast 8S BLX - €1199,- (RTR - €1499,-)

Out of nowhere, ARRMA released a 1/5 scale model onto the market and it's been a success from the first moment. Effectively enlarging their popular 1/8 models, they've set up a super-strong 1/5 line. The rollers were particularly popular because users could choose their own electronics. Unfortunately, they have stopped offering rollers, but their latest version does come with extra power and a stronger steering servo

    + Very robust platform

    + Improved Electronics with more power

    + Can handle very large batteries

    - No longer available as a roller

    - Front&Rear diff standard plastic and thus vulnerable.

3. Traxxas X-MAXX / XRT 8S - €1199,- (RTR - €1549,-)

The pioneer of the electric big scale market is the Traxxas X-MAXX which remains very popular and a robust car right out of the box. With the arrival of its sibling the XRT, the platform has expanded to an even broader range. The X-MAXX stays the king of jumping and stunting, but the XRT knows every sandy trail you could find. However, the XRT could use a bit more power since out of the box, it's quite tame for the power it has.

    + Long on the market

    + Clipless Body

    + Very stable

    - The standard steering servo is too weak

    - XRT is quite tame due to its high stability


Pinion and Spur gear are standard on the weak side (upgrade available)

As you can see, there are many types of remote-controlled cars. Naturally, this is only a limited selection of the total range of RC cars we offer, so if you're looking for a specific model, be sure to check out our full assortment! I hope you have become much wiser from my Tips & Tricks and that you can now make an even better choice for your new RC car! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me, you can reach me by email at info@wetronic.nl or by phone at 030-8895230. Will I see you at the next Tips & Tricks?

Regards, Arcee