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Proxxon tools, from the smallest drill up to the largest saw table made by proxxon.
You can find them all here!


Proxxon tools, from the smallest drill up to the largest saw table made by proxxon.
You can find them all here!

Pre-order product. Available Juni 2024 Chip Collecting Tray for MF70, FF 230, FF250/BL  This splash guard and chip collecting tray, designed to ..
€87.50 Ex Tax:€72.31
Pre-order product. Available Juni 2024 Eccentric Clamping Fixture ES 70 This eccentric clamping fixture ES 70, designed for use with compound ta..
€23.90 Ex Tax:€19.75
Pre-order product. Available July 2024 MICRO-Sonic Cutter MSC Introducing the MICRO-Sonic Cutter MSC, a tool equipped with extremely sharp blade..
€458.99 Ex Tax:€379.33
Pre-order product. Available July 2024 Knife Set for MSC - 30pcs in Storage Box The Proxxon knife set for MSC is a versatile cutting tool perfec..
€17.50 Ex Tax:€14.46
Pre-order product. Available July 2024 Scraper for MSC - 2pcs  The scrapers set for the MSC is an essential tool for various tasks, from cleanin..
€15.50 Ex Tax:€12.81
Pre-order product. Available July 2024 Saw Blades for MSC - 2pcs The saw blades set is designed for cutting brittle materials like 3D printed pa..
€21.90 Ex Tax:€18.10
Pre-order product. Available December 2024 This Proxxon extraction unit ensures efficient filtration of dust, chips, vapours, and smoke, as well as..
€127.99 Ex Tax:€105.78
Pre-order product. Available December 2024 Experience unparalleled air purification with this main filter equipped with HEPA 13 technology. Enginee..
€8.80 Ex Tax:€7.27
Pre-order product. Available Juni 2024 Introducing the Micromot 60/EF, a versatile rotary tool kit that comes complete with a mains adapter and 43 ..
€93.50 Ex Tax:€77.27
Mill/drill unit BFB 2000For standard drills with 43mm spindle neck.Head tilts through 90°, thus offering a multitude of capabilities:Diagonal drilling..
€199.- Ex Tax:€164.46
Adapter for use of the MICRO screwdriver MIS 1 with BV 2000 for cutting threadsDue to the practical rocker switch for on/off/reverse and a rotational ..
€25.95 Ex Tax:€21.45
Shipped on Monday
Die-cast aluminium compound table KT 150With precision milled dovetail slides, thus also suitable for metal work.For routing, milling, slotting o..
€189.- Ex Tax:€156.20
Mill/drill system BFW 40/E, with controller for speeds of 900 - 6,000rpm.The triple ball bearing armature provides direct drive (no gearing). Die..
€209.- Ex Tax:€172.73
Shipped on Monday
PRIMUS 75Base body made of special cast iron with CNC-machined guides. Interchangeable gripping jaws. Flat-milled working surface. Spindles with rolle..
€54.95 Ex Tax:€45.41
T-nut set for PRIMUS vices 2 T-nuts, screws and the necessary accessories. For fixing to the drill tables of: BFB 2000, KT 150 and bench drill pres..
€8.99 Ex Tax:€7.43
Shipped on Monday
PRIMUS 100   Width of jaws 100mm. Jaw opening 75mm. Distance from long slot centre to long slot centre 135mm. Long slots 105 x 15mm. Weight 5...
€74.95 Ex Tax:€61.94
Drill sharpener BSG 220The sharpening operation is controlled exactly by means of the movable carriage.This moves from left to right and also rotates ..
€179.- Ex Tax:€147.93
HX Nut Screwdriver 8mm  The Proxxon HX nut screwdriver 8mm - 22266 is perfect for precise screwing tasks. Ideal for hobbyists and professionals ali..
€7.99 Ex Tax:€6.60
Shipped on Monday
Professional gear chuck with MK 1  For the tailstock of the PD 250/E. Capacity up to 10mm. NO 24 020   ..
€17.95 Ex Tax:€14.83
Shipped on Monday
Additional quick change tool holder (separately)Can be used with the PD 230/E and PD 250/E quick change tool post. NO 24 024 ..
€20.95 Ex Tax:€17.31
Shipped on Monday
Die holder for round dies For threads M 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 8 and 10. With holder Ø 10mm for mounting in the tailstock drill chuck of the lathe. The hold..
€74.95 Ex Tax:€61.94
Shipped on Monday
Tool holder for rotary tools. For use on lathe machines. Made of steel with standard 20mm MICROMOT collar size. For precise clamping of rotary tool ..
€14.95 Ex Tax:€12.36
Shipped on Monday
Gear tooth chuck (10mm) with adapter Industrial quality, however not as accurate as the collets. With 10mm adapter which fits into the 10mm collet. I..
€18.95 Ex Tax:€15.66
Shipped on Monday
2-stage belt drive and additional electronic control enables spindle speeds up to 5,000rpm. The right cutting speed for even the smallest pieces. For ..
€499.- Ex Tax:€412.40
Drill chuck. Capacity 0.5 - 6.5mm. Industrial quality with high concentricity (allowed up to 10,000rpm). Complete with arbour B 10 x MK 0/short. ..
€12.95 Ex Tax:€10.70
Shipped on Monday
Chip collecting tray with splash guard for the FD 150/E Of 1.5mm thick sheet steel, powder-coated. Bevelled edges at the front and back enable easy..
€109.- Ex Tax:€90.08
Shipped on Monday
Fine feed for accurate adjustmentsQuick and easy to install. The clutch system enables feed via either the drill handle or the handwheel. The handwhee..
€129.- Ex Tax:€106.61
Shipped on Monday
Precision vice PM 60 Perfectly rectangular. To be placed sideways and on the end face. With matching nuts and screws for fixation in MICROMOT standa..
€64.95 Ex Tax:€53.68
Step clamps made of steelThe step clamps set is supplied with the KT 70, but can also be ordered separately. Set consists of 2 stepped blocks and clam..
€19.95 Ex Tax:€16.49
Shipped on Monday
Milled steel step clamps For MICROMOT standard T-slots (12 x 6 x 5mm). Two each step blocks and clamps with matching nuts and fixation screws. For wo..
€32.95 Ex Tax:€27.23
Shipped on Monday
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