The first milestone of 10 people participating in our crowdfund project is a fact!
We are super happy with this ????.But also notice that there are various questions among you.

Why do you use crowdfunding?
What is even more important than the amount itself is that our investors have asked to show that the model building community is large enough to realize such a unique project. In this way everyone can contribute, but it also immediately becomes clear how great the project is really supported in the model building world. It is therefore very important that as many people as possible participate in this project in order to realize it. We prefer to have as many model builders as possible who support the project. There are various parties who also want to invest with larger amounts, but you as fanatic model builders are so important to make this project a success! So don't wait too long to participate, because the sooner we can demonstrate that there is more than enough support for the Experience Center, the sooner we get the green light for the project to proceed. The more time we have to be able to realize this super thick experience center already this year!

Is my money safe?
Everything you currently invest in the project is first put into a special bank account to which we have no access. Only when the project really has the green light and the crowdfunding is successful will the amount be released to us to be able to start the plans. So you only invest in the project The Wall!

Do you join our community?