Welcome to our completely renewed website!

The new website has been in preparation for more than 1.5 years. We already had plans in the background even before the corona pandemic broke out. But unfortunately a lot has changed since then. Fortunately, we can finally put our new website live today, which is more in line with the latest techniques and should also provide more clarity with regard to delivery times and stocks. Of course we hope that you are as enthusiastic about the website as we are, but certainly in the initial period a few bugs will surface, we monitor these where possible, but of course you can always draw our attention to any problems or improvements. Please contact us via the contact page or live chat and we will pass it on to our IT people to do something with this. The new website has been in collaboration with some of our regular customers, in which we mostly listened to the comments and criticism that our old website received.

New stock indication system

Despite various updates to the stock system, we noticed that there were still customers who did not see or misunderstood the stock status, this is obviously not the intention. When you order items, you naturally want to know immediately whether goods are available and when you can expect them at home. Especially with the challenges that corona has brought, this sometimes caused confusion or people looked over the stock status. We have now completely renewed this system and will be further fine-tuned in the coming weeks. For example, the order buttons now have colors that indicate the stock status of the product and the expected delivery time. For the operation of our site, we would like to refer you to the new FAQ page in which we explain this new system in great detail and you will notice that it fits even better with the wishes of you as our customer.

News items on our front page

Another new feature is that we now have our own news section, with which you can quickly review what has happened or is expected recently. Such as new products, changes in opening hours, promotions and much more. This news section can be found at the bottom of the front page or if you are using the site mobile in the main menu. Of course we will share many more news items with you in the coming weeks as the holidays are approaching!

Of course we have also thoroughly overhauled the layout, the new layout is much more modern and better suited for use on the mobile phone. The navigation on the old website was very clumsy, especially with the mobile phone. Many useful links were missing because they could not be included in the menu itself, but there was also no space for the buttons at the top of the screen. This made finding offers, combo deals, occasions and new products very cumbersome for mobile users. The new mobile interface is a significant improvement in the menu structure and all important functions are within easy reach. Also scaling the website to the correct resolution is now a lot better due to the more modern interface on which our website runs.

FAQ even faster answers to frequently asked questions!

FAQ is a new section that we actually already had but couldn't use properly in our old website. We got a lot of questions about which battery do I need for my car or what do I need to build an rc truck? Of course, all these questions are answered by our colleagues from customer service, but it is of course even easier to find these answers directly on our website. We will of course fill this section with many new articles in the near future so that you can find the right answers even faster and do not have to wait for us to answer your question.

Photos from clients / Sharing photos of your project.

This function is also not completely new but is now much better highlighted, we are model builders and of course proud to show what we make. However, we often also look for inspiration and ideas from others. By making it possible to show photos of your own project in which that product is used with products, you can share your building skills with other modellers. And also gain new inspiration from what others have made of it. In this way we also try to connect our customers more with each other by offering a digital platform in which this information can be shared.
*Unfortunately, at the moment we couldn't make the feature live due to a small bug, but we expect to be able to get it online in a few days!


No doubt you have seen the newsletter function on our website, until now we made little use of it because the system could not handle the more than 10,000 customers in our system. This is of course very unfortunate, especially because we were not able to share news items properly. You will also miss the latest promotions, but of course we will not immediately send your mailbox full of news items. We expect to send out a newsletter 1-2x a month with the announcement of the latest models, the latest news, but also special offers for our regular customers. Of course you can choose to subscribe or unsubscribe to this newsletter via the customer dashboard or by unsubscribing from the newsletter registration at the bottom of our newsletter.

Lots of new products

In recent months, a lot of products have been added to our range, but due to the store closure with corona, it has also been decided to put all products from our cash register system live on the website. As a result, many products have come online with only an article number, short title description and the price. We understand better than anyone that it is annoying that there are no good photos or some more explanation. Of course we are working hard on this, but our product database now contains more than 24,000 articles, so it is a very big job to keep track of all these products and also to supplement the information with the approximately 5000 products of which the concrete information is missing. But we have already reprocessed more than 5000 products in our system this year alone and we expect to have all products fully updated again in the course of next year.

Oops I ran into another naughty bug on your site?

Of course this is annoying and no matter how well we have tested in the background, a completely new website has a number of expected bugs, especially in the initial phase. Many of these bugs surface once others than the people involved in the project start using it because it's being used slightly differently than expected or working with more complex environments (virus scanners, ad blockers, and more) than we have. can test. If you run into a bug, you can always report it to our customer service, who will immediately forward the bug to the IT team behind the website with the request to solve it as soon as possible. The more reports we receive, the faster we can resolve this. Sometimes problems are difficult to trace because they only occur in specific cases (think of Windows 10 with IE8 and McAfee virus scanner), it can also happen that we as a development team have completely missed things because we use it differently than others. There is no better test than to put a system live and have it really tested.