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GTK Boxer comand post NL 1/72Model kit of the state-of-the-art GTK BOXER transport vehicle used by the Dutch Army as a command or command vehicle. - Detailed surface engravings  - True to original modular design Authentic representation of the following version:- GTK Boxer Commando ..
€15.95 Ex Tax:€13.18
Mercedes-Benz Actros MP4 1/24An ambitious model construction kit of this newly developed long distance truck which entered the market in 2011. The six-cylinder engines of this new generation Actros offer higher mileages and lower fuel consumption than its predecessors.- Multi-part engine - ..
€61.95 Ex Tax:€51.20
SLT 50-3 'Elefant' + leaopard 2A4 1/72Model kit consisting of the SLT 50-3 "Elephant" and Leopard 2A4. With its 8x8 all-wheel drive and the payload of 52 tons, the SLT is undoubtedly the ideal transporter for vehicles in the weight class of a Leopard.- Kit of SLT 50-3 "Elephant" and Leopard ..
€29.95 Ex Tax:€24.75
M34 Tactical truck & Off-road Vehicle 1/35A model construction kit of the most resilient workhorse in the American Armed Forces.- Detailed off-road vehicle - M34 Truck with many surface details - Removable tarpaulin - Flatbed construction with benches - Rubber tyres - Detailed chassis ..
€24.95 Ex Tax:€20.62
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