Ho Ho Ho Model Building Friends!

The year is nearly at its end, and how quickly it has passed. We have received many beautiful new products, but more importantly, we saw many new and familiar faces within this wonderful hobby. It's great to see that many people are still starting this fantastic hobby.

This year, we were finally able to fully enjoy all the events and activities with the corona restrictions truly gone, and it was noticeable. Many events made a comeback and were well attended from the get-go. Sadly, various events still had to deal with significant challenges after being absent for several years, resulting in not everything making a full return. But surely, next year will be even better! So let 2024 come!

Car News 2023

Aside from the major brands like ARRMA and Traxxas regularly announcing new models, we have also added many new brands to our selection. The LOSI Promoto MX was perhaps the most unexpected release and was overwhelmed with pre-orders, resulting in LOSI not being able to keep up with the deliveries. As I write this message, we have just received word that a second large shipment is on its way to us, so just before the holidays, a few more will be available! But the ARRMA Gorgon and ARRMA Grom were also completely unexpected and are nice additions to the RC car market. Naturally, Traxxas couldn't fall behind and largely renewed their range with models like the Traxxas 4x4 BL-2S series, as well as the new Traxxas TRX-4m high lift models. More lovely new models, and next year there will only be more to follow!

Truck News 2023

In the realm of trucks, Tamiya really surprised us this time, not with yet another dumper or work truck but a genuine heavy-duty tractor of the popular Scania 770S. Perhaps the most sold Tamiya truck since Tamiya started developing these truck models 30 years ago. What Tamiya will bring us next year is a matter of waiting until the end of January, but our hearts are filled with anticipation!

New brands 2023

In 2023, we welcomed many new brands to our range, each one offering exclusive parts that make your hobby even more enjoyable. Whether you want to upgrade your crawler or it's time for a new transmitter, there have been many new products in all markets.

Furitek & Injora
With the arrival of the popular Traxxas TRX-4m models, the upgrades were bound to follow. Furitek is known for its superb electronics for the passionate crawler enthusiasts among us. The special motors and controllers make super slow crawling possible like never before. And when you have so much control, you obviously want better performance and looks, which is exactly what INJORA has to offer. Whether you're looking for brass upgrades for better performance or just accessories to further dress up your mini crawler, with over 1500 products they have something for everyone!

SMC Racing & ToolkitRC
If you're into fast cars and boats, you couldn't have missed the introduction of SMC Racing, the world's strongest LiPo batteries that are often quite affordable too. This brand is super popular in America and, through a partnership with SMC Racing, we can now exclusively supply this brand to all our customers in Europe. If you want to be certain that your batteries remain in top condition, then ToolKitRC should not have quietly passed by your house. Whether you just want to charge your batteries or you want to know exactly how your batteries and electronics are performing, ToolkitRC has the right tools for you!

FrSky Transmitters
A brand that has been very popular for many years among active model builders with many wishes in terms of programming options are the transmitters from FrSky. With the arrival of Ethos OS, the interface became much more user-friendly, and FrSky has rapidly grown from a budget transmitter brand to one of the bigger brands in the market. Earlier this year, we were personally approached to market FrSky in the Benelux, and we have already done so successfully. So if you're looking for a new transmitter from FrSKY, we are the only official FrSky dealer in the Netherlands that can supply the entire range!

JX Model
Maybe not entirely new, as we already knew them from the collaboration with Scaleclub. But from now on, we also have their entire assortment. Besides the impressive F1650 auto loading crane, they have much more beauty to offer. So let the light shine on, for example, the fully metal MAN F2000 truck. Not only does it look super nice, it's also very affordable. The perfect gift for the demanding model builder who is tired of Tamiya's plastic construction kits and wants to build real technology!

Super Stunt Weeks

Of course, this year's Super Stunt Weeks could not be left out; many genuine offers have come and gone, and many customers have taken advantage of them. Whether it was because they simply needed it or because it's the perfect gift for under the Christmas tree, like the FTX Tracer Monster Truck combo. Many children and adults must have been surprised when they received these from Santa Claus or will soon receive from Father Christmas. If there's a 30x30x30 cm box under your tree, chances are it's waiting for you, and believe me, you won't regret a minute of having this fun car! Even for the experienced RC car enthusiasts, it's a great car to have just for fun!

Now, with the year nearly over, the Super Stunt Weeks are also coming to an end, so if you still want to take advantage of these offers, don't wait too long, as many sales are already sold out and others are ending at any moment!

Closing 2023

Of course, we will be closing off 2023 with some major bangs during the Super Stunts! But these are exclusive to our newsletter readers, so if you want to make sure you also get them in your mailbox, don't forget to sign up for our newsletter! You should definitely check your mailbox during the Christmas holidays and New Year's Day because one thing is sure: these are not offers you want to miss!

Best regards, Arcee