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Transmitters Accesoires

Transmitters Accesoires

Receivers, parts, upgrades and more are available here.
Do you need an extra receiver or want to place the spring back in your transmitter?

Jeti Duplex R9 OntvangerReceiver DUPLEX R9 is designed for using in middle and big models.Receiver contains usual JR connectors for servos and one JR connector for telemetry.Power supply is possible to connect to any connector for servos. Programmierbarer Duplex 2.4EX 9 Kanalempf..
€99.00 Ex Tax:€81.82
Voor ombouwen nagenoeg alle zenders op 2,4GHZ.Is ook geschikt te programmeren voor Robbe en Graupner Multiswitch modulen en decoders.Deze Jeti Duplex TU2 EX module verschilt van de eerste Jeti Duplex TU module door de mogelijkheidom nu een externe speaker en/of een oortelefoon op aan te ..
€109.00 Ex Tax:€90.08
Jetibox Mini.For mounting on your transmitter ..
€44.95 Ex Tax:€37.15
The DUPLEX EX line of receivers is intended for operation with DUPLEX Tx transmitter modules in the 2,4GHz band and are fully compatible with the previous version of the DUPLEX. Thanks to the fully digital and bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver..
€64.95 Ex Tax:€53.68
  Programmierbarer Duplex 2.4EX R3REX Kanalempfänger 2,4GHz: bidirektionale Kommunikation mit dem SenderÜbergabe der Telemetriedaten an den SenderSpannungsanzeige der Empfängerversorgung am Sender und einstellbarer Wert zur Alarmauslösungmehrere Empfänger an einem Sender möglich..
€69.95 Ex Tax:€57.81
CPU Radios are every rc car or boat drivers dream! But whats your dream of? It's as much fuctions as possible, big display, stable transmission, nice design - but for an reasonable price! Here we go! Absima's CR3P!Radio specification:A.F.H.D.S. 2.4Ghz system 3-channel radio 3-channel ..
€69.95 Ex Tax:€57.81
Battery Door for TQ / TQ-3 TransmittersReplacement battery doorPart No.: TRX2223..
€4.99 Ex Tax:€4.12
Quick Features - Traxxas Link ModuleCompatible with Android 4.4 and up or Apple iOS 4.3 and later platforms Use with the powerful Traxxas Link app, available on Google Play and the App Store View real-time telemetry with optional sensors Bluetooth low energy Easy and simple device..
€39.95 Ex Tax:€33.02
Sensor RPM LongSensor, RPM (long)/ 3x4mm BCS (2)/ 3x4 GS (1)Part No.: TRX6520..
€14.95 Ex Tax:€12.36
Temerature and Voltage Sensor LongSensor, temperature and voltage (long)Part No.: TRX6521..
€14.95 Ex Tax:€12.36
Sensor RPM Short Sensor, RPM (short)/ 3x4mm BCS (2)Part No.: TRX6522..
€14.95 Ex Tax:€12.36
Temperature and Voltage Sensor ShortSensor, temperature and voltage (short)Part No.: TRX6523..
€14.95 Ex Tax:€12.36
Auto Detect Temperature SensorSensor, auto-detectable, temperature (only for use with TQi Telemetry Expander #6550)Part No.: TRX6526..
€16.95 Ex Tax:€14.01
Auto Detect Voltage SensorSensor, auto-detectable, voltage (only for use with TQi Telemetry Expander #6550)Part No.: TRX6527..
€16.95 Ex Tax:€14.01
Traxxas Receiver with TSM TRX6533With this receiver and the correct transmitter you can add TSM to your model.Traxxas Stability Management TSM® allows you to experience all the extreme power, speed, and acceleration that was engineered into your Traxxas model by making it much easier to control the ..
€49.95 Ex Tax:€41.28
Battery Door TQi TransmitterSpare battery door for your transmitter.Part No.: TRX6546..
€4.99 Ex Tax:€4.12
Battery Door for Traxxas Transmitter Suitable for the Traxxas 6516, 6517, 6528, 6528 and 6530 transmitters. With original parts you keep your Traxxas model running smooth and fast. Part No.: TRX6548 ..
€4.99 Ex Tax:€4.12
Telemetry ExpanderExpanded InnovationTraxxas changed the game with Telemetry allowing you to monitor and record real-time data from your vehicle. By combining the water-sealed Telemetry Expander with the GPS Module, Traxxas gives you the ability to accurately track real-time speed! The new Telemetry..
€38.95 Ex Tax:€32.19
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