Transmitters Accesoires

Transmitters Accesoires

Receivers, parts, upgrades and more are available here.
Do you need an extra receiver or want to place the spring back in your transmitter?

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Futaba R168DF 40Mhz Receiver

Compact dual conversion receiver.For even better and more reliable receiver action...

€79.95 Ex Tax: €66.07

Jeti Duplex R9 Receiver

Jeti Duplex R9 OntvangerReceiver DUPLEX R9 is designed for using in middle and big models.Receiver contains usual JR connectors for servos and one JR ..

€94.95 Ex Tax: €78.47

Stuurwiel voor zender voor Robbe F / FC

With this steering wheel you get more control over your model. It replaces the original transmitter sticks on one side.  Just like in the r..

€39.95 Ex Tax: €33.02

Robbe Slider for F-14/FC-16 1-F1601

Robbe schuifregelaar PROPORT.LINEAR F14 nr. 1-F1601Expands the F-14, FC-15 or FC-16 transmitter by one slider channel with centre detent...

€18.95 Ex Tax: €15.66

Traxxas Battery Door for TQ / TQ-3 Transmitters TRX2223

Battery Door for TQ / TQ-3 TransmittersReplacement battery doorPart No.: TRX2223..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.12

Traxxas Wireless Link Module TRX6511

Quick Features - Traxxas Link ModuleCompatible with Android 4.4 and up or Apple iOS 4.3 and later platformsUse with the powerful Traxxas Link app..

€39.95 Ex Tax: €33.02

Traxxas Sensor RPM Long TRX6520

Sensor RPM LongSensor, RPM (long)/ 3x4mm BCS (2)/ 3x4 GS (1)Part No.: TRX6520..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Traxxas Temerature and Voltage Sensor Long TRX6521

Temerature and Voltage Sensor LongSensor, temperature and voltage (long)Part No.: TRX6521..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Traxxas Sensor RPM Short TRX6522

Sensor RPM Short Sensor, RPM (short)/ 3x4mm BCS (2)Part No.: TRX6522..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Traxxas Temperature and Voltage Sensor Short TRX6523

Temperature and Voltage Sensor ShortSensor, temperature and voltage (short)Part No.: TRX6523..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Traxxas Auto Detect Temperature Sensor TRX6526

Auto Detect Temperature SensorSensor, auto-detectable, temperature (only for use with TQi Telemetry Expander #6550)Part No.: TRX6526..

€16.95 Ex Tax: €14.01

Traxxas Auto Detect Voltage Sensor TRX6527

Auto Detect Voltage SensorSensor, auto-detectable, voltage (only for use with TQi Telemetry Expander #6550)Part No.: TRX6527..

€16.95 Ex Tax: €14.01

Traxxas Receiver with TSM TRX6533

Traxxas Receiver with TSM TRX6533With this receiver and the correct transmitter you can add TSM to your model.Traxxas Stability Management TSM® allows..

€49.95 Ex Tax: €41.28

Traxxas Temperature Sensor Mount TRX6535

Temperature Sensor MountFor models with Electric MotorPart No.: TRX6535..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.30

Traxxas Battery Door TQi Transmitter TRX6546

Battery Door TQi TransmitterSpare battery door for your transmitter.Part No.: TRX6546..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.12

Battery Door for Traxxas Transmitter TRX6548

Battery Door for Traxxas Transmitter Suitable for the Traxxas 6516, 6517, 6528, 6528 and 6530 transmitters. With original parts you ke..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.12

Traxxas Telemetry Expander TRX6550

Telemetry ExpanderExpanded InnovationTraxxas changed the game with Telemetry allowing you to monitor and record real-time data from your vehicle. By c..

€38.95 Ex Tax: €32.19

Traxxas Telemetry GPS Module TRX6551

Telemetry GPS ModuleReal-Time SpeedStandard telemetry sensors use your model's gear ratio and tire size to calculate its speed based on RPM. Using the..

€94.95 Ex Tax: €78.47

Robbe 40Mhz Antenna F/FC/FX Serie (F1469)

Original robbe antenna for the F / FC / FX transmitters.Sold out = Sold out!..

€8.99 Ex Tax: €7.43

Futaba F-14 / FC-16 Navy Twin Stick F1564

The navy stick is back!Ideal for boats and track vehicles.Easy to mount just 4 screws and 2 connectors...

€79.95 Ex Tax: €66.07

FrSky D8R-II Plus 8 Channel Receiver with Telemetry

8 Channel receiver for frsky systems.This receiver supports the telemtry function of frsky.*Not compatable with the multiswitch / multiprop un..

€36.95 Ex Tax: €30.54

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