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Pult Transmitter

Pult Transmitter

These transmitters are the biggest available.
With an neck strap or harnass they give you complete freedom of your hands to control your model

Absima's SR2S is the perfect choice for hobby level rc drivers. No matter if car or boat! The A.F.H.D.S. 2,4Ghz System secures reliable transmission and range. Made for pure driving pleasure! Radio Specification:A.F.H.D.S. 2.4Ghz system 2-channel stick radio "Servo reverse" functi..
€44.95 Ex Tax:€37.15
Fully programmable radio transmitter designed specially for RC trucks and excavators. With the assginable multiswitch configuration, 16 channels and much more functionality this is one of the best transmitters available for the RC truck market Radio for Servonaut Zwo4 systemStick fun..
€949.00 Ex Tax:€784.30
14 Channel Transmitter with 2 sticks and 10 switches. This transmitter suits the starter and new truck builder. It's very easy to use and only got what most trucks will need.2.4Ghz so no more waiting for a free channel or interference from another user...
€124.95 Ex Tax:€103.26
Professionelle, moderne und technisch hochwertige 6-Kanal Fernsteueranlage für den universellen Einsatz in vielen RC-Fahrzeugen und Schiffen. Es können unabhängig 6 Kanäle über 2 Steuerknüppel und 2 Schalter (1x Taster/1x Schalter) angesteuert werden. Das REFLEX STICK 6 Channel System ist mit der ..
€99.95 Ex Tax:€82.60
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