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Carson 1/14

Carson 1/14

Carson Trailers fits on the Tamiya trucks 1/14.
These trailers are high quality standards and have an lot more detail then most Tamiya trailers.

Goldhofer Heavy-Loader “BAU STN-L3” (with low loading platform)Carry it all piggyback …Fits all Tamiya trucks. The equipment highlights of this model make the set stand out: the divided ramp can be manually folded down for loading operations. · 3 axles with twintyres· suspension with true to..
€529.00 Ex Tax:€437.19
chassis Semi-trailerThe semitrailer chassis is ideal for DIY projects, matching the Tamiya Trucks.The kit is composed as follows:CNC-machined frame with king pin, height-adjustable trailer supports, 3 axes with authentic air suspension dummies, 12x ball bearings, semi-t..
€319.00 Ex Tax:€263.64
Semi Trailer  The white 3-axles box trailer fits perfectly to various Tamiya Trucks. The kit is equipped as follows: complete frame with king pin · height adjustable platform supports · 3 axles with true to original air suspension dummies · twelvefold ball bearing mounted · platform tyres and..
€529.00 Ex Tax:€437.19
Carson flad bad trailerDe moderne Carson-model Sport 3-assige oplegger is een perfecte combi voor Tamiya vrachtwagens.De oplegger bezit volgende details:Komplete raamwerk/chassis met beschermingsplatenSpatbordensetBeladingsvloer die waterproef en met een antslip laag is uitgevoerd3 starre achterasse..
€479.00 Ex Tax:€395.87
2-Axle Dolly rigid (Gigaliner) - Rigid axle, length/ height adjustable - Dummy Air Springs ..
€299.00 Ex Tax:€247.11
Stanchion Trailer II3-axle Stanchion Trailer for long log transports and similar applications. Fits to various Tamiya Trucks.The kit is equipped as follows: complete frame with protective side bars and king pins · height adjustable platform supports · 3 axles with true to original air susp..
€479.00 Ex Tax:€395.87
Technische Details:• Hochwertiger Dekorbogen im Fulda Designs mit Schutzlaminat• Wahlweise Bausatz oder Fertigmodell • 12fach kugelgelagert • Breitreifen mit Chromfelgen • Mit Luftfeder-Attrappen • Palettenkasten in Schwarz..
€499.00 Ex Tax:€412.40
Carson 907400 1/14 Goldhofer TU4 low loader trailer- Kit, steel sheet laser cut, one-piece ramps (manually hinged and adjustable) - Bogie double ball bearing - Axles leaf suspension with pendulum compensation - Rear support manually adjustable - 7-chamber taillights - License plate holder ..
€629.00 Ex Tax:€519.83
The 3-axle dump trucks Fliegl Stone Master is an accurate and licensed replica of a current lap tray (halfpipe) for use on construction sites. With the optional tilt mechanism the trough can be tilted and discharged. When lowering the rear wall of the trough is automatically saved with the 2-hook lo..
€679.00 Ex Tax:€561.16
Carson 3-assige kiepperopleggerEen helper voor het zware werk van het dagelijks leven - de CARSON kiepperDe CARSON tipping trailer in schaal 1:14,5 is een gedetailleerd model van de dumper, zoals die gebruikt worden op bouwplaatsen vervoer.Laad uw kieptrailer en aan de slag met een lading zand, grin..
€539.00 Ex Tax:€445.45
Technische Details:• Breitreifen mit Chromfelgen • 12-fach kugelgelagerte Räder • Aluminium Unterfahrschutz • Stahlrahmen (lasergeschnitten) • Auflieger Stoßstange mit gelasertem Fliegl- Logo • Kotflügel (Halbrund) • Stirnwand aus Stahl • Neue Türscharniere 270°&nb..
€569.00 Ex Tax:€470.25
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