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Warranty & Service

With us, service is still normal
We do not say for nothing Model building starts at Wetronic.
Where others stop, we continue.
You will receive free service on all products purchased from us.
If you have any questions or are stuck with your project, we will gladly help you.
You can call for service by telephone, email, chat and in our store.

What is covered by your service?
-Help in setting up Electronics (Transmitter, Soundset, Controller etc).
-Explain software and settings.
-Free small repairs if you buy the parts from us.
-Help in the selection of the right stuff, does not substantiate on price!
-We think along with you on how we can bring your next project together to a success.

My product is defective, do I have a guarantee?
That is of course very annoying but we will do everything to solve that.
You are legally entitled to at least two years warranty under normal use.
Since many articles in our beautiful hobby are sensitive to wear and maintenance,
It is important that the defect is not caused by misuse or damage.
Even after two years we can help you with repair or replacement of your product.
If it turns out that the defect is attributable to a production error, it will be replaced free of charge.
You will also be refunded your possible shipping costs.
If it turns out that the defect is caused by improper use, we can charge service costs.
These service costs are a maximum of € 29, - but these are often lower because we only pass on the real costs.
We will always communicate any repair costs to you in advance so that you are not faced with any surprises.