Verkerk Volvo FH16 750 [2021]

Verkerk Volvo FH16 750 [2021]

NOTICE: These are the new version which come with upgraded plastic gears with improved durability and an rear axle that no longer have to be glued.
Also the kit comes no longer with the servonaut gear motor

Volvo FH16 – 750

Verkerk Modelbouw is developing this fantastic 1:14 scale model under full
License of Volvo Sweden

Again and with highest expectation, we want to present this stunning new model rc-truck
to the worlds model build firmament and create a brand new segment.
People already familiar with our products, details and quality, will understand automatically
where we are going to make the difference.

Due to never ending copying people from the far east, we have to be very careful 
publisching drawing or pictures or other Volvo project specifics and detail.
This also means, that we can't show this particular truck to our customers.

Description of contains:
A Composite mix of high-quality materials will be presented.
Highly detailed chassis of plastic reinforced with glass-fibre.

Front axle mounted with metal suspension, caster and camber formed
. Back shaft with differential, (visual) air suspension, powered by a Servonaut
electric engine, and a realistic cardan shaft with detailed joints. 
The entire drive line is provided with ball-bearings.
Rims in a combination of aluminium/plastic, mounted with 1.6 mm bolts and screws.
Rubber tyres highly detailed, wide supersingles at the front, and double air normal width
at the rear axle. 
. Complete cabin bodywork (white ABS plastic) with all chrome parts, mirror set, sun flap and 
spoilers, door handles, etc. Also complete interior. Dashboard for left and right steering 
wheel, windshield wipers and windshield wiper cover for left and right steering wheel included. Side panels, roof and side spoilers, air intake, roof antenna, complete Volvo FH16 750 adhesive set.
Headlights and rear light cases, and dashboard are prepared for functional finishing with
electronics. All required construction materials and ball bearings are included. 
A construction manual in various languages will be added.

We are looking forward to hand out the first trucks to our participating customers.

Future options:
Free axle configurations, due to several different axle modules
These axles modules comes with suspension and chassis parts, so every axle
configured can be realized with the basic 4x2 frame/chassis as basic start.

Full light sets will be available to light up your truck

Specific Volvo parts will be developed to create your best project ever.
We are delighted to present this model kit in the spring of 2017.

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