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Varta 9V Block Battery This battery is most commonly used on toy rc rremotes. CAN NOT BE RECHARGED! Part No.: 4922/1 ..
€4.99 Ex Tax:€4.12
AA Battery Varta 4pcs The most used battery on the whole world. These are sold per blister of 4pcs. CAN NOT BE RECHARGED! Part. No.:  4906..
€2.49 Ex Tax:€2.06
AAA Battery Varta 8pcsThe smaller version of the larger AA batterysThese are sold per blister of 8pcs.CAN NOT BE RECHARGED!Part No.: 4903SO ..
€4.99 Ex Tax:€4.12
C Batteries 2-pack in blister When you need as much power as you can get – this is it! VARTA Longlife Power stands as the most potent among VARTA a..
€5.99 Ex Tax:€4.95
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