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Shipping Information

Shipping Information

How long does it for my order to arrive?
If you place your order before 16:00 GMT +1 on working days we ship it out the same day.*
Within the Netherlands your order will arive the next day, for delivery outside the Netherlands it depends on your country and local post office.
It's best to inform at your local post office for delivery time.

If any items are not on stock we will inform you about the expected delivery date and ship out as soon as possible.
The expected delivery time for out of stock items is displayed at our webshop.


Which company will deliver my order or can I pickup the order?
We use PostNL for shipping out our orders. Within the Netherlands they also deliver the packages.
For other country's it depends on which company is delivering the packages for DHL.
PostNL delivers their packages at tuesday - saterday. And within the Netherlands they can also deliver in the evening.
It's also possible to pick up your order in our local store in the Netherlands - Nieuwegein.


Can I trace my order?
Through our system you receive several updates on your order.
At the moment we hand over the Package to DHL you will receive an email with the track&trace code.
For orders outside the EU the tracking information will be send manually.
Orders shipped with an letter or small box doesn't always have an tracking code.

What do I pay for shipping?
The shipping costs are dependend on the weight and volume of the package.:
Within the Netherlands the shipping costs are:
-Small package / Letter: €4,95 (Depending on weight, value and vulnability of the items. The system will show you the actual shipping costs)
-Package: €7,95 (At order over €99,- the shipping is free).
-Items longer then 95cm have an additional fee due to the length of the package: +€3,- fee


Package delivery within the EU (Europe)?
Offcourse we can deliver order to other country's as well.
The shipping costs depends on the region. You can see the actual shipping costs in the shopping cart before you have to pay your order.
We try to get the lowest shipping rates as possible for your orders.
For example the shipping costs to Belgium and Germany are €9,95 and free for order over €250,-


Shipping outside the EU
Outside the EU the shipping costs are depending on the country, weight and volume.
Our system makes an approx. shipping cost rate but especially on big / large orders there could be additional shipping fee's.
The system is not capable of fully calculating the exact shipping costs but in 98% of the cases the displayed shipping costs are the correct price.


My package is damaged?
That's really an shame, unfortanly it's something that can happen with all the packages shipped now days.
We use decent materials to fill up the space in your package and also try to prevent damage to your order as much as possible.
Unfortanly some cases we can't prevent. If your order arrives with damage please refuse the package and contact us as soon as possible.
We will solve the issue for you and solve the case with the postal offices involved in the issue.


Can I pick up my order in the store?
Yes you can pick up your order when you live within the EU.
For people outside the EU it's also possible to pick up the order but you need to pay the taxes in the Netherlands (21%).
Which will increase the payment value of your order so additional payments will be required in that case.
Company orders which use the IC regulation can not pick up their order due to tax rules.