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Louise RC - MFT MT Hummer 1/2" Offset 14mm Hex 1/10 - L-T3314SBM

Louise RC - MFT MT Hummer 1/2" Offset 14mm Hex 1/10 - L-T3314SBM
Louise RC - MFT MT Hummer 1/2" Offset 14mm Hex 1/10 - L-T3314SBM
Louise RC - MFT MT Hummer 1/2" Offset 14mm Hex 1/10 - L-T3314SBM
Louise RC - MFT MT Hummer 1/2" Offset 14mm Hex 1/10 - L-T3314SBM

Louise RC - MFT MT Hummer 1/2" Offset 14mm Hex 1/10 - L-T3314SBM

  • Product Code: LR-T3314SBM
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Product description

Suitable for
• Various 1/10 Stadium Truck models with a 14mm hex wheel adapter
• Arrma - Granite 4x4 3S - Front / Rear
• Arrma - Big Rock 4x4 3S - Front / Rear
• Team Magic

Bead-Lock rims
The popularity of Bead-Lock has been increasing for some time, mainly due to the lifelike appearance of the mounting screws in the outer rings of the wheel.
The big difference between Bead-Lock and regular rims. With Bead-Lock, the tires are not glued, but clamped and screwed to the rim. The special way of clamping and the strong fastening of the screws ensures that the tire remains firmly on the rim.
Due to the extreme loads during driving, cornering and making high jumps, the design of the rim and the materials used are of great importance. Due to the correct strength and strength, the Louise RC rims can withstand these heavy loads.
The rims are made from a mixture of high-quality nylon granulates, whether or not loaded with glass fiber. This composition has been specially developed by Dupont® for Louise RC.

Tire inserts
The tires are mounted with special pre-formed foam inserts or with custom-cut foam inserts. The inserts are selected in a specific format and size to ensure perfect cushioning and dimensional stability of the tire.

MFT technology
MFT stands for Micro Fiber Technology. This technology indicates the presence of a textile band in the rubber tread of the tire to prevent the tire from deforming and ballooning at high speeds.

The MFT technology keeps the tire in shape, even during strong acceleration and high-speed rides.
The well-known inflation of a normal tire without MFT technology which disrupts the whole and where the diameter of the tire changes under these extreme conditions is now a thing of the past. The MFT technology provides more stability, more road contact and a longer tire life.

The tire with MFT technology is usually slightly heavier and larger in size than normal tires without MFT technology. We recommend that you check your gear ratio and adjust it if necessary. We also recommend updating your steering servo as these tires provide more grip and can overload a standard servo.

SPORT compound
Louise RC has many years of experience in producing high-quality tires for RC cars. The RC hobby driver and the RC basher have completely different requirements on the tires than the RC competition driver. The special sports rubber compound has been developed from this experience. The sports rubber compound is available in 2 densities, soft or medium soft. For the lighter 1/10 cars, the soft compound is mainly used and for the more powerful and usually heavier 1/8 models, the medium-soft compound is used.

The SPORT compound became a tire that;
• is particularly wear-resistant
• provides excellent road holding and steering precision
• offers excellent grip on the different types of surface
• is suitable for the powerful motors of the current RC cars

Technical data
• Type of Car: 1/10 Stadium Truck
• Rim adapter: Hexagonal 14mm
• Rim offset: Arrma offset
• Rim color: Black
• Rim dia.: 2.8 "- 71mm
• Rim type: Bead Lock
• Rim material: Nylon Composite
• Tape technology: MFT - Microfiber technology
• Band connection: Sport - Soft
• Band size: 120x56mm


Which Car Arrma Granite 4x4 3S, Arrma Big Rock 4x4 3s, Team Magic E5,
Car Scale 1/10
Type of Car Monster Truck
Compound Medium
Adaptor 14 mm
Rim Color Black
Diameter 120 mm
Rim Offset 1/2 "
Tire Width 56 mm
Rim Material Plastic
Weight 196 g

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