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Krick Ankerketting 0.8x3.1x5.3 5 meter..
€74.95 Ex Tax:€61.94
Shipped today
Krick Kunststof Roer 36x70mm..
€9.99 Ex Tax:€8.26
Krick Maxgear Vertragingsmotor 12V..
€44.95 Ex Tax:€37.15
Shipped today
Krick Micro Aandrijfmotor 150:1 6V..
€24.95 Ex Tax:€20.62
Shipped today
Krick Neptun Beslagset..
€74.95 Ex Tax:€61.94
Krick Relingpaal 30mm 3 Rij 10st..
€6.99 Ex Tax:€5.78
Krick Speed 500 Max..
€18.95 Ex Tax:€15.66
Krick T Koppeling 3/4mm ..
€4.99 Ex Tax:€4.12
This is a model of an English galley ship, a late form of the galleons. The Peregrin was built in the Deptford shipyards around 1700 and was intended ..
€249.- Ex Tax:€205.79
Hardware set for Mantua Peregrine Galley ..
€79.95 Ex Tax:€66.07
Specially ordered
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