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5000mAh 14.8v 4-Cell 25C LiPo, TRX2889X

5000mAh 14.8v 4-Cell 25C LiPo BatteryTRAXXAS CERTIFIED LIPO POWER! Traxxas Certified iD-Equipped LiPo batteries are engineered to provide the punc..

€99.95 Ex Tax: €82.60

Battery hold-down mounts set, TRX-7718

Battery hold-down mounts, left (2)/ right (2)/ 3x18mm CS (4) ..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.26

Body, X-Maxx® (clear, trimmed, requires painting)/ window masks/ decal sheet, TRX-7711

 Body, X-Maxx® (clear, trimmed, requires painting)/ window masks/ decal sheet, TRX-7711 ..

€74.95 Ex Tax: €61.94

DCB M41 Widebody catamaran

Extreme Power and SpeedThe DCB M41 Widebody catamaran, designed by DCB (Dave’s Custom Boats) founder Dave Hemmingson, is one of the largest mo..

€559.00 Ex Tax: €461.98

Drive cup, TRX-7754X

Drive cup (1)/ 3x8mm CS (use only with #7750X driveshaft)X-Maxx drive cup with 3x8mm CS hardware. For use with 8s-spec heavy duty driveshaft (#775..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

LED light bar, rear, TRX7883

LED light bar, rear, red (with white reverse light) (high-voltage) (24 red LEDs, 24 white LEDs, 100mm wide)/ light bar mount (fits X-Maxx® or Maxx®) ..

€24.95 Ex Tax: €20.62

Output gear, 51-tooth, TRX7784X

Output gear, 51-tooth, metal (requires #7785X input gear)Steel 51-tooth output gear for X-Maxx. Requires #7785X steel input gear. ..

€14.95 Ex Tax: €12.36

Pinion gear, differential, 11-tooth (rear) TRX-7791

Pinion gear, differential, 11-tooth (rear) (heavy duty) (use with #7792 35-tooth differential ring gear)Heavy duty steel 11-tooth pinion gear for ..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.26

Rebuild kit, steel driveshaft, TRX-7751X

Rebuild kit, steel constant-velocity driveshaft (includes pins for 2 driveshaft assemblies (use only with #7750X driveshaft)Rebuild kit for use wi..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.12

Screws, 4x15mm (6) TRX2594

Screws, 4x15mm button-head machine (hex drive) (6) ..

€3.99 Ex Tax: €3.30

Seal kit, receiver box, TRX-7725

 Seal kit, receiver box, TRX-772, (includes o-ring, seals, and silicone grease) ..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.12

Shaft, GTX shock, TiN-coated, TRX7763T

Shaft, GTX shock, TiN-coated (2) (assembled with rod ends and steel hollow balls)Titanium-nitride coated shafts resist scuffing, increase durabili..

€34.95 Ex Tax: €28.88

Spur gear, 50-tooth, steel, TRX-6448R

Spur gear, 50-tooth, steel (wide-face, 1.0 metric pitch) ..

€21.95 Ex Tax: €18.14

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