Tanks and Military

Tanks and Military

Tanks are the warriors of the battle field. And they come in all kind of different sizes.
Sneaking in and taking out the enemy or just rushing in and shooting them down as fast as they can.
One thing is for sure, you'll run when you see one of these coming after you.

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Tamiya Tank US KPz M1A2 Abrams - Full Option Kit 56041

At Your CommandThe M1 Abrams was formally adopted in 1980, and features highly recognizable flat surfaces and angular form, plus a powerful gas turbin..

€999.00 Ex Tax: €825.62

Tamiya Tank Leopard 2 A6 - Full Option Kit 56020

 Widely recognized as the best modern day Main Battle Tank (MBT), Tamiya introduces the latest German Leopard 2 tank,..

€899.00 Ex Tax: €742.98

Tamiya Tank German King Tiger - Full Option Kit 56018

 Tamiya continues to develop its 1/16 R/C Tank Series. The fourth full-option kit to make its appearance is the German Heavy Tank King Tiger. Not ..

€599.00 Ex Tax: €495.04

Tamiya Tank Jagdpanzer IV/70 - Full Option Kit 56039

Take Control of a Fearsome Tank HunterThis is a 1/16 scale R/C model assembly kit of the Jagdpanzer IV Lang /70(V), an L/70 7.5cm gun-toting German ta..

€899.00 Ex Tax: €742.98

Tamiya US M551 Sheridan - Full Option Kit 56043

A Veteran Campaigner The lightweight M551 Sheridan was designed as an airliftable tank, a cutting-edge design with aluminum alloy hull..

€899.00 Ex Tax: €742.98

Tamiya Tank German PzKw IV Ausf.J - Single Motor 36211

【 Just Like the Real Thing 】 This final variant of the German "War Horse" the Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf.J. which served throughout the whole of WWII is..

€479.00 Ex Tax: €395.87

Tamiya Tank Tiger 1 - Full Option Kit 56010

Tamiya has put incredible power and versatility of the German Tiger I in your fingertips with this 1/16 scale, fully functional R/C tank. Just some of..

€579.00 Ex Tax: €478.51

Tamiya Tank Russian KV-1 - Full Option Kit 56028

【 The Russian Monster 】 Tamiya is proud to release the 1/16 scale R/C assembly kit of the Russian heavy tank KV-1 which terrified German forces during..

€699.00 Ex Tax: €577.69

Tamiya Tank Russian KV-2 - Full Option Kit 56030

【 The Russian Moving Fortress 】  Tamiya is proud to release the 1/16 scale R/C assembly kit of the Russian heavy tank KV-2 which terrified German..

€699.00 Ex Tax: €577.69

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