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The development of a transport system with reusable main components for NASA began in 1972 at North American Rockwell and a series of other firms. The overall weight of the space shuttle ready for launch is 2,055 tonnes. It can carry a payload of 30 tonnes into an orbit up to 965 km above the earth...
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An easy to build model construction kit of the first production version of this modern combat helicopter.- Rotatable main rotor - Laser system, sensors and onboard canon at front of the fuselageAuthentic decal set for following version: - AH-64A, 3/227th Aviation Regiment, US Army, Hanau A..
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The most famous British aircraft of World War II combined excellent flying characteristics with an outstanding performance. The first production Spitfire were delivered in July 1938. The RR Merlin engine devefoped 1,470 ps., max. speed 594 km/h- Landing gear in two optional positions - Structur..
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MH-47E Chinook 1/72Age:12+Number of parts:209 Length:272 mmWidth:69 mmHeight:81 mmRotor Diameter:252 mm ..
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75th Anniversary set D-day 1/72This model kit commemorates the anniversary of D-Day, probably the most important operation of the Second World War. 75 years ago thousands of allied soldiers landed on the beaches of Normandy and started the liberation of Europe. The set contains the used airplane..
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The Tactical Air Force Wing 71 celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2019 with a special presentation of one of its Eurofighters. With its red elements, the design of the aircraft christened BARON SPIRIT quotes the namesake of the traditional squadron - the fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen, also kn..
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A model of the Bf109, one of the most well known German fighter aircraft of the Second World War - here in the F2 version.- Cockpit with instrument panel - Pilot figure - Rotatable propeller - Under-carriage - Decal set for one German versionAge:10+Number of parts:42Length:124 mm..
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Up until 2005 the Boeing 747 - commonly known as Jumbo-Jet - was the largest transport aircraft in the World. After its maiden flight and start of mass production- Textured Surfaces - Simulated Undercarriage - 4 Engines- Authentic decal set for following versions: - Boeing 747-206B of KLM..
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The JSF's Joint Strike Fighter program is designed to develop a new fifth-generation all-weather multirole fighter aircraft that is capable of replacing existing fighters from the United States and NATO. The space industry team led by Lockheed Martin generated the F-35 Lightning II with one seat and..
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Developed by the U.S. space agency NASA the Space Shuttle is the only re-usable Space Transportation System in the world. The main components are the Space Shuttle (Orbiter) with three re-usable main engines, an external fuel tank and two solid fuel rockets with a total take-off thrust of 12.46 MN (..
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The Junkers JU-88 is to be considered the most important German aircraft of the Second World War, next to the BF-109 and the FW-190. This twin-engined aircraft was originally designed as a fast bomber. The project was a great success and so the aircraft was also used as a valuable night fighter, a s..
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Revell Airbus A380 "New Livery" 1/144 ..
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