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Revell Supermarine spitfire mk.V 1/72

The most famous British aircraft of World War II combined excellent flying characteristics with an outstanding performance. The first production Spitf..

€8.49 Ex Tax: €7.02

Revell SR-71A Blackbird 1/72

Revell SR-71A Blackbird 1/72After more than 20 years of active service, many of the features of this sinister looking high-tech spy plane still re..

€19.95 Ex Tax: €16.49

Revell Space Shuttle Discovery & Booster Rocket 1/144

The development of a transport system with reusable main components for NASA began in 1972 at North American Rockwell and a series of other firms. The..

€41.95 Ex Tax: €34.67

Revell Space Shuttle Atlantis 1/144

Developed by the U.S. space agency NASA the Space Shuttle is the only re-usable Space Transportation System in the world. The main components are the ..

€19.95 Ex Tax: €16.49

Revell P-51D-5NA Mustang 1/32

The P-51D Mustang is one of the most extraordinary and effective fighter aircraft of World War II. It proved to be a versatile weapon for long-range f..

€41.95 Ex Tax: €34.67

Revell Messerschmitt bf109 F-2 1/72

A model of the Bf109, one of the most well known German fighter aircraft of the Second World War - here in the F2 version.- Cockpit with instrumen..

€9.99 Ex Tax: €8.26

Revell Kamov ka-58 Stealth Helicopter 1/72

Model kit of the mysterious Stealth combat helicopter Kamov Ka-58. Characteristic for this helicopter is the flat silhouette with especially strong ed..

€18.95 Ex Tax: €15.66

Revell Harrier GR.1

Revell Harrier GR.1 "50th Anniversary" 1/32 ..

€29.95 Ex Tax: €24.75

Revell F-117A nighthawk 1/72

An easy to stick together model construction kit of the Lockheed F-117, the first stealth fighter in the world. It is used mainly for night attack mis..

€18.95 Ex Tax: €15.66

Revell Eurofighter Typhoon 'BARON SPIRIT' 1/48

The Tactical Air Force Wing 71 celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2019 with a special presentation of one of its Eurofighters. With its red elements, ..

€29.95 Ex Tax: €24.75

Revell Concorde 'British Airways' 1/144

The Angelo-French super-sonic airliner is one of the most spectacular aircraft dvelopments of the last few years. The first flght of the British Airca..

€18.95 Ex Tax: €15.66

Revell Boeing 747-200 1/450

Up until 2005 the Boeing 747 - commonly known as Jumbo-Jet - was the largest transport aircraft in the World. After its maiden flight and start of mas..

€4.99 Ex Tax: €4.12

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