High Voltage Servo's

High Voltage Servo's

These servo's can be used directly on an 2S lipo with 7.4V
Please note that the receiver must be able to handle this voltage as well

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Savox SW-0230MG High Voltage Waterproof Servo (8kg)

capable of operating on high voltage. This is a great upgrade if your looking to drive your RC vehicle in any condition...rain, sleet, or snow.Fea..

€37.95 Ex Tax: €31.36

Savox SW-0241MG HV Waterproof Big Scale Servo (40kg)

It is metal-geared with an amazing amount of torque while capable of operating on high voltage.Features:Ideal for 1/5 scale off road, large scale boa..

€87.95 Ex Tax: €72.69

Savox SW-0250MG Waterproof Micro Servo (5kg)

Perfect replacement for Traxxas TRX-2080/2082 servo's! More reliable and better gears.  that's a ..

€33.95 Ex Tax: €28.06

Savox SW-1210SG HV Waterproof Servo (32kg)

This coreless servo provides great torque and is a great upgrade if your looking to drive your RC vehicle in any condition...rain, sleet, or snow.  ..

€84.95 Ex Tax: €70.21

Savox SW-1211SG HV Waterproof Servo (18kg)

  that's a great updgrade to standard RTR servos and fits many conditions where use is vital in rain,..

€84.95 Ex Tax: €70.21

Savox SV-1257MG High Voltage Mini Servo (4kg)

is ideal for those that need a fast mini servo, but prefer to operate it using a higher voltage such as a LiPo receiver battery as a power source.Feat..

€66.95 Ex Tax: €55.33

Savox SV-1272SG High Voltage Servo (30kg)

A very powerful servo in a standard case, the SV1272SG servo fits many applications.Features:Super strong and precision made unique steel gears provi..

€87.95 Ex Tax: €72.69

Savox SV-1274MG High Voltage Servo (9kg)

Features:- Leading edge digital servo technology- High efficiency Coreless motor- Accurate and fast response- Super high resolution- Aluminium center ..

€89.95 Ex Tax: €74.34

Savox SB-2230SG HV Brushless Servo (42kg)

contains unique steel gears to accommodate the massive output torque of this servo in a slightly taller case design.Features:Combines leading edge tec..

€132.95 Ex Tax: €109.88

Savox SB-2264MG HV Brushless Low Profile Servo (15kg)

Features:Combines leading edge technology with super high 12 bit (4096) resolution.Ideal for 1/10 on road vehicles, 1/10 scale off road, and helis.Bru..

€109.95 Ex Tax: €90.87

Savox SV-1254MG High Voltage Servo (15kg)

  with good torque and fast transit time in a low ..

€69.95 Ex Tax: €57.81

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