Beier USM RC2 Soundmodule

Beier USM RC2 Soundmodule

The most populair sound module for RC trucks

This sound module quickly builds a good reputation in modeling land.

Because of its many features and interfacing with a PC is to make every wish.

This does not only vehicle on a truck lane, Army landscape, boat or other model then also to sound the same.


Play music in your model? Yeah well that's possible with this module.

You name it and it might just be possible with this sound module.



Supply voltage: 5 to 14 V D.C.

Power consumption: 90 mA rest, (audio only) 3 A, sound (and switch) 6 A

Switched inputs: 5

Switched outputs Max. 12, each 1.5 A universal, freely programmable.

Proportional inputs: 4x

Proportional outputs: 2x

LF amplifier: Max. 2x20 W mono

Featured speaker: You 5.9 to 9.6 V: 8 to 16 ohms

When you board voltage 9.6 to 14 V: 4-8 Ohms

Volume control: External potentiometer or RC system

Memory: up to 8 MB (Micro SD card optional)

Max. length of sounds: 180 seconds per GB in WAVE format 8-16bit 22-44kHz



5 noises which regulate in 255 steps for running noises (at part load)

8 transitions, add eg. Turn Sounds, PTO, etc.

1 start-up sound (automatic)

1 shut-down sound (automatic)

1 shut-down sound (automatic)

1 stop sound (automatic)

1 stationary noise (automatic)

1 brake sound (automatic)

1 reversing sound (automatic)

20 additional sounds using proportional channels

8 random noises (random generator)

Sounds coincidence between 1-250 seconds adjustable


The Sound Module is specifically designed for RC model

and is designed to generate models to walk their characteristic sounds,

And automatically varying according to the speed of the model.

In addition to the running sounds the module can reproduce up to 20 different additional effects.

Automatic engine start, accelerate, stop, idle, brake, reverse air and sounds can be reproduced.

There are four channels of audio available,

The set includes software that can be used to carry your own recorded sounds on to the module via a PC and the micro SD card.

All sounds are stored in the module and can be changed at any time.

Integrated high-performance output stage for connection to one or two speakers.

12 switched outputs are available for connection to LEDs, lamps, relays, etc .; different lighting effects can also be utilized.

The sound module is connected directly to the receiver, and detects the vehicle speed in parallel with the controller.

Suitable for use with all expandable radio control systems with more than two channels.

Update status via the Internet

Dimensions approx .. 67 x 44 x 17mm

Weight approx 25g .


*No CD included, the software is located on the SD Card!
Or download the program here: Download USM-RC2 Software
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