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Beier NMS-16-R (Robbe)

Beier NMS-16-R (Robbe)
Beier NMS-16-R (Robbe)
Beier NMS-16-R (Robbe)
No longer available
Beier NMS-16-R (Robbe)
Beier NMS-16-R (Robbe)
Beier NMS-16-R (Robbe)

Beier NMS-16-R (Robbe)

  • Product Code: BEI-NMS-16-R
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Switch Panel

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Product description

The Nautic multiswitch modules at a glance:

  • Extension of RC control with additional 8 or 12 switches
  • Enables to control further 16 or 24 functions
  • Decoding of switches with sound modules USM-RC, USM-RC-2 and with multiswitch decoder MSD-16 possible
  • Connection requires free proportional channel
  • Installation inside and outside the radio remote control box possible, 
    extra box available
  • Important: not compatible with every radio control system


The nautic multiswitch module NMS is an extension for your RC control, available with 8 and 12 switches.
It is suitable for the sound modules USM-RC and USM-RC-2 in order to activate functions such as sounds and lights.
Up to 16 (8 switches) or 24 function (12 switches) can be triggered.

The NMS is built into the radio control and requires one free proportional channel.
In case there is not enough space inside your radio control you can install the nautic multiswitch modules ouside your radio control, using the boxes for multiswitch modules

For installation no additional decoder is necessary. You only need to connect the output of your receiver to a proportional channel of the sound module (X2/3 or X2/4)).

With the modules NMS-16-G and NMS-16-R you can also switch the outputs of the multiswitch decoder MSD-16.

The transmission of data is carried out with time division multiplex, which delays the response time of the switches for 0,2-0,3s.

Each switch has three positions: up - middle - down. The middle position is neutral and no functions can be assigned to this position. This means with each switch at the minimum two functions with the positions "up" and "down" can be controlled.

After pressing, the switch automatically returns to neutral and the activation of the switching output stops.
However, with the memory setting (programmable in your Sound-Teacher) you can activate each switching output permanently. This is useful for example for light functions. You can also activate different functions by short or long pressing of the switch.

The NMS is available in three different versions:

The NMS-16-R (8 switches / to trigger 16 additional functions) is suitable for Robbe/Futaba radio remote control.
Size: 66 x 32 mm
Required height in radio: 26 mm 

The NMS-16-G (8 switches / to trigger 16 additional functions) is suitable for Graupner radio remote control.
Size: 66 x 47 mm
Required height in radio: 26 mm 

The NMS-24-G (12 switches / to trigger 24 additional functions) is suitable for Graupner radio remote control.
Caution: The NMS-24-G is not working with the 2,4GHz system HoTT! For this system you can use the NMS-16-G.
Size: 66 x 47 mm
Required height in radio: 26 mm 

For old (older) Graupner radio remote control (e.g. 4014) with a black, 4-pole "teacher/pupil"-plug, you need the adapter plug NMS-GA!

More information can be found in our operating manual (German).

Overview of compatible and not compatible radio remote control or 2,4GHz systems

Due to a special type of data transmission between transmitter and receiver, the NMS is not working with all 2,4GHz systems!

With a FM-transmitter it is necessary to set  "PPM" as transmission type! The NMS is not working with transmission type "PCM".

Graupner 4014FM (35/40MHz)NMS-16-G
Graupner mc-19FM (35/40MHz)NMS-16-G
Graupner mc-22FM (35/40MHz)NMS-16-G
Graupner mc-24FM (35/40MHz)NMS-16-G
Graupner mc-32  
Graupner mx-10, mx-12, mx-16, mx-20, mx-32  
Robbe F-14FM (35/40MHz)NMS-16-R
Robbe FC-16FM (35/40MHz)NMS-16-R
In generalFM (35/40MHz) 
Servonaut Zwo4NMS-16-G


Compatible (tested)
?Should be compatible (not tested)
Not compatible

At Jeti, the receiver must necessarily have the option "Output period: By Transmitter"!


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